West Dunbartonshire Health & Social Care Partnership kindly hosted a very informative and productive site visit for other members of the Benchmarking Network on 14th September. We heard about the great progress they have made with their service improvement & performance reporting since Integration.

Tucked away in the Ceremony Room of the splendid Clydebank Town Hall, Wendy Jack spoke about the complex and challenging interfaces that make up our Health & Social Care Partnerships and the need to streamline and de-clutter in order to make things easier to manage. She made clear how important it is to understand who does what and who is responsible in terms of reporting.

Heather Irving gave us an insight into their service improvement approach and some key actions included the following:

  • Using more effectively the number of  staff surveys for completion by working with  the Care Inspectorate to gain insight from their Surveys and accessing the data from behind it
  • Looked at themes from a range of sources where we ask staff groups to feed themes into wider Community Planning structures
  • Feed service specific evaluations into HSCP Service Planning
  • Record all successes and  improvements via their Performance Management Framework ensuring sharing of good news stories
  • Created an engagement framework with service users, patients and carers as well as with other public bodies

Lyn Slaven then took us through their performance reporting strategy. They have reviewed their KPIs – defining which could be influenced by the Health & Social Care Partnership before splitting them into Key Performance Targets and monitoring indicators. They’ve moved away from using covalent style tables to display KPIs (KPI info is still stored in this way) and instead have an annual report that is centred around people, including good news stories and service user feedback amongst the quantitive data. Their report is used for a number of audiences rather than providing different versions. They are now working on a quarterly version of the report which will ensure their stakeholders are kept up to date in a timely manner with easy to digest, relevant information.

Big thanks to Wendy and her team for hosting this visit. The attendees can’t emphasise enough how important it is to see how things work on the ground. We’ve still got spaces on a similar visit in Aberdeenshire on 6th October and Edinburgh on 20th October. Email lisa.urquhart@ed.ac.uk if you would like to attend a visit.

Slides from this visit will be available soon on our member’s dropbox area.