During September and October, the HSCBN organised a series of three site visits to Aberdeenshire, the City of Edinburgh and West Dunbartonshire Health & Social Care Partnerships to facilitate knowledge exchange and sharing of information.

The matter in hand was how these Partnerships had designed and implemented their performance frameworks to support strategic planning and commissioning.

Each Partnership told their own story of what they set out to achieve, how they got there, who contributed and how they hoped to maintain progress. In all three site visits we gained an insight into what has worked well, what has not worked so well and what solutions were identified to challenging issues.

Thanks to Susie Downie, Eleanor Cunningham, Wendy Jack and their teams for hosting these visits which proved both illuminating and inspiring.

We plan to repeat this formula to allow individual H&SCPs to engage with peers in a reciprocal way and for the common good.

All presentation materials from these site visits can be accesed on our shared folder on Dropbox.